What to Wear Under a Blazer

To choose fashion items to wear with your blazer sometimes is not an easy task. 

You may find overwhelmed because there are so many items like T-shirts, shirts, blouses, sweaters, dresses with various colors and styles. You don’t know what to wear with your blazers, and you may find that you don’t have an eye for fashion. 

But in this article, we will show you ways to combine your blazers stylishly and find the right items for your outfits. 

So what to wear under a blazer


T-shirt is one of the most popular tops you can combine with your blazers. You can wear your long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts with your blazers in the summer and autumn. The clothing combination makes you look relaxed and still fashionable. You can complete the look with black skinny jeans, leggings, denim jeans, pairs of shorts.

Shirts and blouses

Shirts and blouses are also great options for your blazers. You can combine them with your blazers to go to work, events, and even meetings. 

The look can make you have a little formal and still trendy.


There are a lot of types of dresses you can try to mix with your blazers. But due to the style differences, you need to be selective when you choose what shoes, sandals, and other fashion items to wear with the combination.

With each type of dress, there are also various ways to combine with blazers. 


Sweaters can be a good option for winter. You can use this item and wear it with your colored blazers. You still look good, and you can complete the look by choosing pants, skirts with leggings, and a lot of different items.

In general, there are several fashion items you can wear with your blazers. But to be good at fashion skills, you need to know how to combine colors harmoniously and wear different colored blazers with the right inner items.

You can read a lot of our tutorials on the site about how to combine blazers with other colored items. They are listed below:

blue blazers, black blazers, pink blazers, pastel green blazers, grey blazers, navy blue blazers,

red blazer, olive green blazer

Photos: Zara

black shirt and black pants

Black Pants Can Go Well With A Black Shirt

Black pants can go well with a black shirt. This is a good outfit idea and a good clothing combination. Many highly stylish people love this combination.
Wear a black/ dark brown belt with the combo. If you are confident, you can choose a dark red belt.
You can combine different styles of black pants to wear with the shirt.
A few examples:

  • Black slim-fit jeans, Black dress pants, Black chinos

The combination of the black shirt and black pants for men

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H&M Studio Fall Winter 2016 Women's Lookbook

H&M released its Studio Fall Winter 2016 Women’s Lookbook for women. This collection will be available from September 8th in stores and at hm.com.
The models are from the Paris Fashion Week runway show: Ashley Graham, Karly Loyce and Soo Joo Park. 
Check out the lookbook below:

H&M Studio Fall Winter 2016 Women's Lookbook (14)

H&M Studio Fall Winter 2016 Women's Lookbook (11)

H&M Studio Fall Winter 2016 Women's Lookbook (8)

H&M Studio Fall Winter 2016 Women's Lookbook (2)
H&M Studio Fall Winter 2016 Women's Lookbook (5)
Photos: H&M

How to Wear a Green Cardigan

Q: How can I combine a green cardigan stylishly?
For both men and women:
1.If your cardigan is olive-green, you can wear it with a grey top and a pair of blue jeans.

olive green_gray_blue jeans_the_color_harmony

Cardigan                       Top                                       Jeans

It is better to wear black shoes with this outfit.
2.If your cardigan is dark green, you can wear it with a grey T-shirt and black pants (skinny pants).
dark green_grey_black the_color_harmony

Cardigan                                  Top                                          Pants

You should wear dark shoes with this combo.

What to Wear with an Orange Blazer

Q: what can I wear with an orange blazer?

  1. I suggest that you should wear it with a black top and a pair of black pants.

Blazer                               Top                              Pants

  1. You can combine it with the black top and a pair of orange pants.


Blazer                             Top                                   Pants

It is okay to wear black shoes with this outfit.

What to Wear with a Beige Blazer

Q: what can I wear with a beige blazer?
1.You can style the blazer with a black dress (and your black leggings). This outfit is very suitable for your office look.


Blazer       Dress

Wear dark heels with this combo.
2.You can combine your blazer with a white top and a pair of black pants.

Blazer                            Top                         Pants

You should wear black/white shoes with this outfit.
3.It is okay to wear it with a white dress.

Blazer         Dress

4.You can wear a white top and a pair of white pants with the beige blazer. Continue reading

What to Wear with a Red Coat

Q: what can I wear with a red coat?
1.You can combine your coat with a white shirt/T-shirt and a pair of black pants. The white, red, and black pairing is a great combo.


Coat                             Top                             Pants

You should wear black shoes with this outfit.
2. My second formula: you combine the coat with a black top and the black pants.

Coat                               Top                        Pants

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How to Wear a Metallic Coat

Q: What can I wear with a metallic coat?
When it comes to this coat, there are usually two colors . They are gold-tone and silver-tone.

In my experience, the easiest way to wear this coat is to style with black pants and a black shirt/T-shirt/sweater.
metallic gold_black_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                          Top                             Pants

metallic silver_black_black_the_color_harmony

Coat                            Top                           Pants

When you combine like this, viewers will  only focus on the coat. So, choosing a beautiful coat is important.
I do not think that styling the coat with blue jeans, brown pants, and other colored pants is a good idea here. It will lead to an improper combination and you will not look good.
When it comes to shoes, of course, it is better if you wear black heels/Oxford shoes with this outfit.

How to Wear a Bordeaux Coat


Photo: Farfetch

Q: what can I wear with a Bordeaux coat?
It is one of my favorite coats and I like its color, Bordeaux. And both men and women can use these color combinations:


Photo: Farfetch



Photo: Farfetch


Photo: Zara



Photo: Farfetch

The above coat is from Givenchy.


Photo: Farfetch

The coat is from 3.1 Phillip Lim.


Photo: Farfetch