What Color Pants to Wear with a Black Blazer

black blazer
The basic black blazer is a must have. It is easier to look good with the blazer if we know how to combine stylishly.
The colored pants I recommend you to try:

Black pants

Wear your black blazer with black pants. You can try black slim jeans, black chinos, and black dress pants. This is the most popular combination in clothes. There are colored tops you can wear inside the blazer. For example: a white top, a red shirt, a light pink V-neck T-shirt…

black blazer

black blazer

Grey pants

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How to Wear a Yellow Blazer

Q: what can I wear with a yellow blazer?
For men:
1. You can combine it with a black top and a pair of black pants.


Blazer                              Top                          Pants

You should wear black shoes with this combo.
2. If you have a mustard yellow blazer you can wear your blazer with the black top and white pants.
mustard yellow_black_white_the_color_harmony

Blazer                          Top                               Pants

For women:
You can use the above-mentioned combinations, or:
1. You wear your blazer with a black top and a white skirt.

Blazer                                    Skirt                             Top

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