How to Wear a Pink Blazer

Q: what would match a pink blazer?  How can I combine the pink blazer stylishly?
For both men and women:
1.You can wear it with a white top and a pair of white pants, because white and pink go really well together.


Blazer               Top & Pants

2.You can wear your pink blazer with a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

Blazer                                      Top                                      Jeans

Wear brown/dark blue shoes with this outfit.
3. If the blazer is hot pink, you can style it with the white pants and light green shirt/blouse.
hotpink_light green_white_the_color_harmony

Blazer                              Top                                       Pants

Wear a brown belt and dark brown shoes with this combo.
For women:
4. You can wear the pink blazer with a floral print top and a pair of black shorts. The top should be a multicolored blouse/T-shirt which contains red or pink color. Continue reading

How to Wear a Pastel Pink Blazer – Part 2

[Part 1]
Q: what can I wear with a pastel pink blazer?
4.This formula includes a pastel pink blazer, light lavender top, and cream pants.

pastel pink_lavender_cream_the_color_harmony

Blazer                          Top                                Pants

 5.It is okay to combine the blazer with a little white dress.
pastel pink_white little dress_the_color_harmony

Blazer                                Dress

6.You can also provide a black backdrop for your blazer by choosing a black jumpsuit.

pastel pink_black jumpsuit_the_color_harmony

Blazer                       Jumpsuit

7.A navy blue dress cannot go wrong with this blazer.
pastel pink_navy dress_the_color_harmony

Blazer                      Dress

Note: 1 to 4 can be used for men.