How to Wear a Burnt Orange Blazer

Q: what color matches a burnt orange blazer?
For both men and women:
1.You can wear it with a light grey top and a pair of dark grey pants.

burnt orange_light grey_dark grey_ the_color_harmony

Blazer                                Deep V-neck Top                        Pants

Wear black shoes/heels with this combo.
2.You can combine it with a white top and black pants.
burnt orange_white_black the_color_harmony

Blazer                  Deep V-neck T-shirt/Shirt                 Pants

3. You can wear it with a V-neck T-shirt in black and the black pants.
burnt orange_black_black_ the_color_harmony

Blazer                           Top                                       Pants

For women:
4.You can wear it with a beige top and a black skirt (and your black leggings).
burnt orange_beige_black_ the_color_harmony

Blazer                            Top                             Skirt

It is okay to wear black heels with this combo. This look is suitable for formal occasions.
5.You can style it with a white dress or a cropped top in white and a white skirt.