Outfit Ideas with a Red Blazer

The red blazer is a good item to have and it is very easy to be worn with other fashion items. However, the trick to look good is always based on color harmonies.
First, we need to know what the red color can go well with?
It is easy. Red always go well with black, white, and sometimes grey.
So, the outfit ideas here are very simple but sophisticated.


Blazer                              Top                         Trousers

You can wear your red blazer with a black top and black skinny pants. Complete the look with black heels or black pumps.
The combo:

  • Red blazer
  • Black top
  • Black trousers



Blazer                            Top                         Trousers

You can wear your blazer with a white top and black pants.

Photo: Zara

The second combo:

  • Red blazer
  • White top ( a deep V-neck T-shirt)
  • Black trousers
  • Black pumps



Blazer                                  Top                         Trousers

Of course, you can wear red pants with the red blazer. Please note that you should wear an inner top in black.
The third combo for you:

  • Red blazer
  • Black top
  • Red trousers
  • Black heeled sandals or black heels



Blazer                                        Top                         Trousers

The red blazer can be worn with grey pants. Complete the look with a white inner top.

Photo: Zara

  • Red blazer
  • White top
  • Grey trousers
  • Red pumps



Blazer                                 Top                         Trousers

Blue jeans are okay to go with the blazer. Choose a white top to go with this outfit.
You can wear black heels or black heeled sandals with these items.

Photo: Zara

  • Red blazer
  • White top
  • Blue jeans
  • Black heels


red_white_polka dot black _the_color_harmony

Blazer                            Top                                 Pencil skirt

The red blazer will be your great friend if you know how to combine it with other items. Another option for you is:
A polka dot pencil skirt is a great alternative if you are bored of pants. Combine your red blazer with a white top and the pencil skirt.
The last combo for you:

  • Red blazer
  • White top
  • White polka dot pencil skirt
  • Red pumps


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