What Color Pants to Wear with a Black Blazer

black blazer
The basic black blazer is a must have. It is easier to look good with the blazer if we know how to combine stylishly.
The colored pants I recommend you to try:

Black pants

Wear your black blazer with black pants. You can try black slim jeans, black chinos, and black dress pants. This is the most popular combination in clothes. There are colored tops you can wear inside the blazer. For example: a white top, a red shirt, a light pink V-neck T-shirt…

black blazer

black blazer

Grey pants

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What Color Tops to Wear With A Beige Printed Flared Skirt and A Beige Skirt

flared skirt
The beige printed flared skirt and the beige skirt can be worn with different colored tops.
It is worth mentioning that the beige color can go well with white, black, and dark brown. If you know this thing, it is easier to combine or know what to wear with your beige skirt.
Although your skirt is a printed skirt (which means that the skirt consists of multiple colors), beige is still the dominant color. So, you can use the clothing color combinations with single colored skirts to wear your printed skirt.
Here I give you the clothing color combinations and color tops to wear with your skirt.
In addition, I suggest that you choose the colors which can go well with beige, because it will create color harmonies and you will have a great outfit and look good.

Wear your beige printed skirt with white tops:

  1. The beige printed skirt + a white shirt + beige heeled sandals
  2. The beige skirt + a white T-shirt + white low top sneakers/ flat sandals

Wear your beige printed skirt with black tops:

beige printed flared skirt; beige skirt

Photo: Zara. beige printed flared skirt; beige skirt

  1. The beige printed flared skirt + a black T-shirt (or a black tank top) + black flat shoes
  2. The beige skirt +a black T-shirt/tank top + dark brown heeled sandals or dark brown flat sandals
  3. The beige printed skirt + a black hoodie + white low top sneakers
  4. The beige printed skirt + a black sweatshirt + black heels
  5. The beige flared skirt + a black shirt + metallic silver heeled sandals or metallic silver heels or black heels

Wear your beige printed skirt with a beige top:

Because the printed skirt consists of multiple colors, you can try an outfit with a beige top ( it can be a beige tank top, a beige T-shirt, or a beige shirt/blouse and complete the look with nude heels.