black shirt and black pants

Black Pants Can Go Well With A Black Shirt

Black pants can go well with a black shirt. This is a good outfit idea and a good clothing combination. Many highly stylish people love this combination.
Wear a black/ dark brown belt with the combo. If you are confident, you can choose a dark red belt.
You can combine different styles of black pants to wear with the shirt.
A few examples:

  • Black slim-fit jeans, Black dress pants, Black chinos

The combination of the black shirt and black pants for men

Men can style the combo with a white/ black/ grey/ dark blue/ olive-green blazer or coat. Besides, a brown/black/ dark red leather jacket can be worn over the black shirt. In addition, if you are a confident man, you can try a camouflage sport jacket or a maroon blazer.
Furthermore, there are various types of shoes to combine with the look: black leather derby shoes, black leather loafers, black trainers, beige slip on sneakers, white slip on sneakers, black suede loafers, white low top sneakers.

a black shirt and black pants

Photo: Zara. Black shirt and black pants

The combination of the black shirt and black pants for women

Women can choose different styles of pants, for example:

  • legging pants
  • flare pants
  • culottes
  • slim jeans
  • leather leggings
  • dress pants
  • chinos

and complete the look with (there are a lot of options):

  • black leather ankle boots, black leather Oxford shoes, black suede mules, black heeled sandals, black loafers, black suede pumps
  • dark brown leather ankle boots

Additionally, if you want to have a different outfit with the black shirt, you can try other colored pants like deep blue jeans, white dress pants, blue slim jeans, and khaki chinos. It is worth mentioning that black is very easy to go with different colors. Many fashion designers always choose black as their favorite color to design.

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