Navy blue shirts go well with black pants

Navy Blue Shirts And Black Pants Can Look Good Together

Yes. Navy blue shirts and black pants can go well together. Black can look good with different colors, from light to dark colors.
Although in some cases navy blue and black cannot look good together, navy blue shirts and black pants can be a great pairing.
This is a good color combination for clothes and a basic outfit idea. Men can wear black shoes (black Oxford shoes, loafers) or navy shoes with this outfit. Women can wear black heeled sandals, or navy blue pumps with this color combination.
Wear your navy shirt and the pants with a black belt. If you want to wear a blazer or a coat, please choose a black blazer or a black coat.
And you can choose black dress pants to go with your navy shirt to complete the office look or It is okay to wear black jeans (black slim fit pants).
Sometimes, you can wear dark brown shoes with this outfit.
Here is an example:

Navy blue shirts go well with black pants

Photo: Zara. Navy blue shirts go well with black pants

Additionally, you can also choose other pants to wear with your navy blue shirts.

For example:

  • If you are confident, you can wear white pants and dark yellow belt to complete the look.
  • Another option is to wear dark red jeans or chinos with the shirt. Choose black or dark brown loafers to go with the combo.
  • Another color combination used by many men is to style camel or dark brown khaki pants with a navy dress shirt.
  • Choose dark grey pants (slim fit is better) and a red belt. You probably complete the look with black leather loafers or white sneakers.
  • Wear beige chinos and your dark brown belt with the shirt.
  • In addition, a white blazer, white sneakers and navy pants with your navy shirt will be a great color combination.
  • Finally, style the shirt with grey slim fit pants and dark brown Oxford shoes.

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