How to Style a Black Jacket

Here you can see that I use mainly white and grey. These colors always look good with black.
These combos are also for black leather jackets.
For both men and women:
1. You can combine it with the dark gray top and a pair of gray pants/jeans. And Wear black shoes with this outfit.
2. You can wear a white shirt/blouse/sweater and the black pants. You can choose black moccasins, Oxford shoes, and heels to go with this outfit.
Women can wear the jacket and the inner top with black skirts and black boots.
3. It is great to combine the jacket with a deep round neck T-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.
4. When you want to combine it with blue jeans, wear the combo with a black top and dark heels.
5. You can wear it with the gray top and a black skirt/ black pants. Wear black heels/ shoes with this combo.
6. You can combine the black jacket with black pants/ a black dress and a black top.
Again, you should wear black shoes/ heels with this combo.

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