How to wear a black parka stylishly

1.You can wear it with an inner top (it can be a black sweater, T-shirt,….) and black trousers. This is the most common combination.


Parka                                     Inner Top                               Trousers

2. This is another combo frequently used to style this parka.


Parka                             Inner Top                              Trousers

The trousers here should be skinny fit or slim fit. It is okay to wear black boots with all outfits I give you.
I don’t like to combine blue jeans with this parka. But if you want them, combine the jeans with white inner tops.


Parka                            Top                                      Jeans

If you want a scarf to go well with this outfit, choose a grey one.
You also can wear white shoes ( sneakers) with this outfit.