The Concept of Dressing Well

the concept of dressing well_thecolorharmony

After years of experiences and study, I have come to the conclusion that if you want to be considered well-dressed, you will have to combine and wear properly. I often call this “wearing it right”.

“Wear it right” = dress well:  your friends, coworkers and relatives compliment you and say something like:

  •    “You’re fashionable” or “[Your name]’s fashionable”
  •     “The shirt looks good on you!”
  •   “You look beautiful in this dress.”
  •    “Where did you buy it?”

“Wear it wrong” = bad clothing combination: everybody does not mention your appearance. They are not attracted to your outfit.

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To understand the idea of “wearing it right”, let’s see a simple example:

A football team has eleven players and every player has a role with unique tasks on the team. Teamwork is very important for them to achieve their top goal. They must work together and help others.

The art of fashion styling is also like leading your team to success. Your tops, pants, shoes, bags, hats, and accessories are your players and you are the team’s coach. All you need to do is to put a lot of thought into what you wear, choose the right fashion items and make them support each other.

When you wear your clothes the wrong way, your items fight with each other.

When you “wear them right”, you look stylish and your outfit makes you stand out from the crowd.